Thursday, December 29, 2011

Volunteering at Lucky Puppy Pet Rescue

TJ and a local resident

Kameryn and the latest small residents

We volunteered at the Lucky Puppy Pet Rescue in Bonifay, FL while we were workamping at Florida Springs RV Resort & Campground.  Their property and setup was wonderful!

Ms. Becky, not only is a genius when it comes to farming, but is also a Science Teacher!  Everything was a teaching moment and we loved her for that!

TJ got to help Ms. Becky with her herd of cows, tractors, fencing, potato planting, raking out pens, burning debris, and various other projects!

Kameryn got to do what she does best.... loved on all the lil puppies til they were good and tired!  Ok, she actually raked up some pens too!

Brogan... well... he's 11 and you know, all boy, so he was kinda all over the place... the puppies, the dogs, raking, etc!

Another lil place to bless and be blessed!

Lucky Puppy Dog Rescue
1255 Lee Road
Bonifay, FL 32425
(850) 814-6500

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