Friday, December 9, 2011

The Biggest Loser Boot Camp DVD

The Biggest Loser Boot Camp DVD - so I picked this up at the Library yesterday (go figure!), watched it, and then tried it after Zumba tonight... Ok, can we say 'glutton for punishment'? It doesn't look like much when you're sitting in a chair, but Bob is a friendly motivating drill instructor and happy to be one! The Warm Up will leave you huffin' and puffin'.  Boot Camp 1, well lets just say, it's no wonder Ali was the first female Winner.

To get the maximum results from the DVD, it suggests that the user follow the set six week program. The six week program consists of

Week 1 - 2:  warm up, boot camp 1, and the cool down for 30 minutes.
Week 2 - 3:   warm up, boot camp 1, boot camp 2, and the cool down for 45 minutes.
Week 5 - 6:   warm up, all 3 boot camp levels, and the cool down for 55 minutes.

Boot Camp 1
A twenty miunute dumbbell weight routine. The workout alternates between upper and lower body exercises that are interspersed with heart rate raising intervals of quick but easy to follow movements to increase the calorie burning effect. It is appropriate for beginner exercisers. Modifications are shown; beginners may want to try the workout Boot Camp 2
A medicine ball and dumbbells are used but not required.  The exercises in level 2 focus on getting the heart rate up and keeping it up.  It's an intermediate level workout and can be made easier by using lighter or no weights and doing the modifications shown. This workout covers all of the major muscle groups and is fun and easy to follow at fifteen minutes long.
Boot Camp 3
A bodyband, dumbbells or exercise tube is used, but not required for these exercises. Using some type of resistance will of course make the exercises more difficult and more effective. The level 3 workout is ten minutes long, easy to follow and has low to no impact on the joints. The exercises are fun and unique, with boxing moves thrown in among the lunges.

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