Saturday, May 19, 2012

Reality Show Opportunity

Got this email this week: 

I AM casting families who live full-time on the road for a possible reality show!
You can see a partial list of my credits at

I am also attaching my company Bio.

I am looking to develop a show about a dynamic, interesting family that lives life full time on the road. We're employing a variety of casting techniques to make this happen - including internet searches and reaching out to various living-on-the-road families.

Would you mind very much answering a few preliminary questions?

1. What made your family decide to give it all up for life on the road?

2. How many members are in your family? What is everyone's ages?

3. Do you plan on and/or are currently expecting any additional children?

4. How do you financially support yourself on the road?

5. How long have you been living on the road?

6. What are your biggest challenges?

7. What are the best parts of living on the road?

Do you have any photos of your family you feel comfortable sharing with me? Or better still, video?


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