Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Spring Garden is blooming!

Yes, you can grow things even while fulltime RVin'!  Ok, so it's not quite harvest time yet and it's not a crazy abundance of food, but once the vine'y plants start growing - well, ya just never know! 

We've tried this over the winter and got Broccoli and Romaine!  Mmmm!  So, far we've inspired other families to do this in the campground we're at!  I'm not an expert, but a homeschool family, which means we are learning as we go! 

Before we left our stick home, we had just started learning alot about getting back to basics, like traditional gardening, container gardening, vertical gardening, aquaponics, hydroponics, canning, making our own laundry soap, windex, dog shampoo, etc.  (The only thing I haven't figured out yet is to how to make my own beloved Pine Sol!!)  I learned soooo much from!

I wasn't as upset about leaving our home for 20 years as I was leaving all these things behind that I thought I couldn't do on the road.  It was seriously one of the only things I was depressed about!

So, I started out with a plant or two and then it grew to 16 containers, slightly burdensome to travel with, but POSSIBLE!  Recently, I came upon and even better way to travel with more veggies and more space!  The Topsy Turvy!  I can hang them up in the shower or even in our hallway when we travel and outside when we stay awhile!  I love that!

Ok, so now I have my 'container' gardening thing taken care of!  Our next project is AQUAponics!  A protein and veggie source that take care of each other!

“Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they're yours.”  Richard Bach  

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  1. That's awesome. I've only tried topsy turvy once and it was a failure. In September they will go on sale for $1-$3, so I will try to pick up some then. And then I'll work on winter gardening. But I still have to find a place for the lemon and lime trees. They won't all fit in the shower! Maybe they can go in the back of the pickup truck when we're moving.