Saturday, February 11, 2012

Introduction to "Engine 2 Diet" with Rip Esselstyn!

A couple months ago, I delved into juicing and trying a plant based diet and that really went well. I felt healthy, lost some weight, and had better than ever before energy.   I hadn't been able to give up the dairy, but after about 6 weeks and Christmas, my family sabotagers worked my will power down to nothing and I was back to not feeling good, let alone being healthy, and I started gaining weight again.  I started looking again at how I could get off the roller coaster and get on the straight and narrow track.  I had to find something to get me motivated again.  I went back to my netflix and tried watching one of the movies that helped get me headed in the right direction in the first place - Forks Over Knives.

So, I'll say it once again, if you haven't had a chance, watch Forks Over Knives and Forks Over Knives: Engine 2 Kitchen Rescue!  It is life altering, even if initially there's some groaning or sadness over what your spouse thinks you need to "give up."  I'd recommend watching it with the whole family, which is what we did in order to keep everyone on the same page and have our own lil' support group! 

Since, there's no "Whole Foods" store or anything similar nearby, the whole family went to a local bargain country store that had loads of vegetables and fruits and all their "healthfood" products discounted.  (I'm suspectin' that there ain't much need for a 'healthy' diet when you have an abundance of southern food around ya'!)  It wasn't a totally pleasant experience for the family, as they were absolutely miserable finding out what they shouldn't be eating anymore!  But, they prevailed and continued to read labels and determine for themselves if what they chose was a good choice.  If nothing else, it was a good class in 'Nutrition' and 'Life Skills', the spouse included!

Jumping right in is my specialty, however, that can lead to frustration, which is what it did.  Spending all my time planning, led to either eating the same basic staples or skipping meals altogether - neither of which are good.  Getting the family involved has been a tremendous learning experience for everyone and is the right way to stay on track!

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