Friday, April 29, 2011

Pioneer Cooking

What is pioneer cooking?
Well, the pioneers did four types of cooking:  boiling, roasting, baking, and steaming. The pioneers cooked over an open fire with blackened iron cookware and utensils. The cookware used were different sized kettles, Dutch ovens, long handled fry pans, iron griddles, and tea kettles. The utensils that were used the most were skewers, a spit, trivets, long handled spoons, dippers, and cooking forks. Some of their utensils were wooden and handmade.
The area know as their "kitchen" was in the corner of their "home" or near the fireplace. They had a few open shelves and a wooden trough-like box that was their sink with no drain. Wooden buckets were used for transportation of their water. Their refrigerator was a wooden box built over a spring or stream that allowed milk and butter to sit in the cold water.
We like camping, but this is really roughing it (and all the time!)!!  It will be interesting to find out how tasty pioneer food really is!

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